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Mr.Criminal presents the first vaporizer pen tailored for the hardcore cannabis connoisseur. Created and designed by a cannabis expert and aerospace engineer, Crime Family Cannabis vaporizers are manufactured to aerospace engineering tolerances.


The atomizer is equipped with a dual quartz coils wrapped in Titanium alloy wiring set into a quartz bucket to deliver the purest flavor on the market. The internal cap even recaptures up to 30% Oils that are normally stuck or lost by other traditional wax vaporizers.


The batteries in our vaporizers are designed with a smart chip allowing battery to fire for 15 seconds, delivering more of a robust hit to the dabber. Our pens have a session mode which allows for hands-free battery activation. Finally, this universal battery is specifically made to work best with cartridges and charges conveniently via micro USB. The active carb system allows for better and maximum airflow and combats clogging


The most advanced features for the best price.

Designed in the USA

Included Warranty

30 Days

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